my dorm room at wesleyan. as you can see the mattress is under the bed frame

in physics things started to come together

i spent a lot of my math

i had a really cool art teacher who encouraged me to do whatever i wanted. i started thinking about concepts

i sent it to my brother who hung it up in his bathroom because it was funny.

my project for art was a board game called "collecting friends: the game where you collect friends." it was about making superficial friendships as a freshman in college. in the game, you put things in a sack. i sent that game to vassar, wesleyan, brown, and university of chicago and, with a mission to hook up with someone at each college i visited, i'd say my trip was a success.

one day i took all the little heads i'd created and put them in these plastic jewelry boxes my mom had saved. at the last minute i printed out a giant sign on three taped together pieces of paper. it said: "this is your head." i brought it to venice beach and showed it to my brother's friend's matt and zach in the parking lot of in n' out. matt came and helped me sell it by holding it up to people's heads and pretending it looked like them.

that summer i got to work in my garage making the become a real person kit. the day before school i went downtown and bought 200 tiny plastic babies. my friend jake thought i was nuts and told me so.

when it was time for school i started designing my own class instead. back to daydreaming. things weren't going too well.

i showed my first finished product to my friend charlie who said it looked like one of those kits you find in hotels. little did he know that's exactly what i was going for.

then my friend nina and i 

that was when i got the crazy idea to drop out of school and work on my art full time. i thought about it in the mattress i'd put under my bed frame over the four day weekend and decided just like that, to stop thinking one thing and doing another, and to start thinking about what i was doing and doing what i was thinking about.

after that i went to live with matt in bushwick. apparently he'd heard about one day marriage and liked the idea of falafelly wedded spouse. i started going to the dollar tree every day, buying a bunch of things, and then dumping them out on my floor.

one day matt's sister sarah introduced me to a certain fungus on the day that matt and nathan were constructing a spice rack made of boobs.

after matt's sister introduced me to a certain something, i was able to see  i had a performance art relationship in which we performed for the whole town around mckibbin lofts and just for good measure, a long and drawn out performance art break up including letting a homeless guy sleep at my place who turned out to be his stepdad and similar shenanigans. 

the pages from emptiness is not a thing,

about to be shown at the zilkha gallery

collecting friends laid out on my dorm room floor

first version of the become a real person kit