art backpack

make art. wherever; whenever.


collage sheets



everything you

need to sew anything

Art Backpack includes an incredible range of high quality yet compact art supplies to allow young artists to create art in any environment or situation, which all fit into a sophisticated velvet backpack (includes: mini canvas and easel, collage sheets, folding scissors, sewing kit, colored pencils, coloring books, crayons, watercolor set, leather scraps and more)

studies have shown that people with social anxiety find relief by doing stuff with their hands. your stress levels will plummet if you carry this ready-to-make kit of all the art supplies you need for any project you could ever dream of. Just carry it with you wherever you go and your creativity will soar

here are just a few things you can make with it

augmented story book

complete instructions in kit, replace the words of a story book...and then the pictures! simply paste your own pictures on top of them, and use the white out to cover up the words.

replace things around your house

use the sewing kit provided to replicate and then replace common household objects. won't your sister be confused when she goes to use the toilet paper and there's a fabric version in it's place.

plein air painting

a tiny easel and canvas are perfect for painting out doors. take it out doors and try your hand at the style of the old masters with some handy references included.

instruction telephone

try this fun game with friends. make an object, then create instructions that detail how the object was made. hand those instructions to the next person and see what they come up with...‚Äč