Cheer yourself up by looking at your wrist! 

charms are made of pewter (nickle & lead free), and hang about 3 cm from wrist though size 

varies slightly. chain and clasp are plated brass.

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bracelets with a few of your favorite things for only $26.00

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* starred charms are mechanically accurate

1/2/2017. 3:00:00 PM  


i really wasn't sure if anyone understood me.. well.. until my friend got my one of these haha!! i have never felt so personally validated in a gift. i don't think i could have picked it out better! for friends looking for gifts, this is a super way to prove your understanding of another person in a fun, creative AND affordable way! yahoo! 

Everyone has a few favorite

things that  put a smile on their matter how

badly their day is going. 

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