DELUXE WITCHCRAFT KIT ~ wiccan altar kit ~ spell candles ~ amethyst ~ selenite ~ rose quartz ~ bay leaves

DELUXE WITCHCRAFT KIT ~ wiccan altar kit ~ spell candles ~ amethyst ~ selenite ~ rose quartz ~ bay leaves

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This deluxe witch kit offers the amateur or more experienced practitioner the opportunity to practice craft with all the necessary tools coming from one place. Each of these essential items has been hand-picked to benefit you and your practice whether it be to aid in spells or incantations, brew potions, or light candles in sacred rituals. 

The kit includes FOUR crystals: a 5” SELENITE WAND, an AMETHYST CLUSTER, raw ROSE QUARTZ, and a QUARTZ crystal point, as well as three raw amethyst points in a black organza bag with a pentagram attached to it.

This kit also includes a STONE to represent each of the seven CHAKRAS: RED JASPER for the root chakra, TIGER’S EYE for the solar plexus chakra, CITRINE for the, AVENTURINE for the heart chakra, SODALITE for the throat chakra, AMETHYST for the third eye chakra, and QUARTZ for the crown chakra.

There is also a wide variety of essential oils, including 1 ml of the following: frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang, patchouli, and 2 ml of witch hazel in sturdy glass bottles with air tight screw-on lids. You can see how each of these oils benefit you by rubbing them on your temples before you go to sleep at night or your wrists as you go about your day.

There is also an extensive herb kit which includes six sticks of Indian INCENSE, four large (2x3” bags) of herbs. The picture shows RED ROSE PETALS, CLOVES, HOLY BASIL, and BAY LEAVES however I have a full herb cabinet and will pick your herbs based on my intuition. For a comprehensive list of the herbs I carry, and which you might receive, see below. If there is an herb you have been dreaming of (or has been dreaming of you) just send me a message and if I have it in stock I’ll be sure to send it as one of the four. It also includes two glass vials of different kinds of salt: course HIMALAYAN SEA SALT and CELTIC SEA SALT. 

While you are performing rituals you have a choice of wearing A WAND on a silver-plated chain or a silver-plated FEATHER NECKLACE. It will look similar to the wand in the picture though I can’t promise it will be identical.

A smudge kit to purify your space and altar includes a SAGE bundle and four PALO SANTO sticks as well as the matches you will need to burn these.

The variety of candles includes: 7 SPELL CANDLES in different colors (note: colors may vary), two large taper candles, and one tea light, as well as matches to get your fire burning immediately.