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Live in harmony with the cycles of the moon and embrace your inner moon goddess with this astounding kit full of divine objects to make you feel at one with the moon.

- cotton drawstring with hand-printed moon phase design (4x6”)
- “The Moon” tarot card
- Selenite Crystal Ball with wooden stand
- Moon Goddess enamel pin (gold w/ back)
- moonstone ring
- new moon necklace (silver chain)
- Marshmallow Root (in glass vial)
- Mugwort, Cut (in glass vial)
- tea light

“The Moon” Tarot Card is printed on heavy paper so you can color it (or not!)

If you flip to the third picture you can see how I print the bags myself with special fabric-safe ink which can be washed. This design represents the phases of the moon, which alternately expose the reflection of the sun, and hide it in shadow, as the earth travels around the sun, moon in tow.

The moonstone ring features silver flowers and a golden rose contrasting the delicate sheen of the stone.

I currently only have 1 moon goddess pin, but there are a few more to choose from so if you’d like more than one set, write to me beforehand so you can pick your pin.

This is an add-on kit to a more basic witchcraft starter kit. Try one of my witch essentials kits to get started in your practice:

Or the deluxe version:

This is the first of a series of Tarot-inspired drawstring designs. Stay tuned for: “Wheel of Fortune,” “The Lovers,” Or write to me about your favorite tarot card and I’ll see if I can’t make it into a set.