baby gets a boost by being bad

baby gets a boost by being bad

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sometimes it's nice to be naughty

Meet Baby. Baby likes to do things she isn't supposed to do. She likes to steal lollipops from the corner store and tickle her classmates until they shout "stop." What's more: she doesn't feel bad about it! Baby is what you might call a "bad girl."

sophie doll wears a blue sailor dress with a white collar and a woman's hat - that was lost and then found. she likes to sit on her knees, in corners, and tell people things that she doesn't or rarely ever does, believe herself. she likes to talk to men and get them to come home with her and then do strange stuff to them when they get there, like put her finger in their butt...

This is a companion book to kitty get's a kick out of coming off crazy which you can buy together and they will be attached (i will attach them with a ribbon) - a white one, or probably red